Thursday, 27 December 2012

JMSays: Catwalk A-Z / Autumn/Winter 2012 'A'

1. Ashish
A typical 'I blindfolded myself and chucked on whatever I came to first' look. I love the color/pattern combination, there's something about this 'anti-mess' hippie look that just works so well.
2. Antoni & Alison
A. Colors are beautiful. B. Tweed and purple glitter; brave or what?
3. Alberta Ferretti
I admit; I'm a complete loved-up mess for intricate lace pattern, but this dress is both classy and fun.
4. Antoni & Alison
Honestly, I find it hard to love orange; but the color pairing in the look works perfectly and I love the close V neckline.
5. London College of Arts
Sports jacket + floral skirt = beautifully wrong?
6. Anna Sui
Oh Anna Sui. If honest, I loved her entire collection - bit this piece was so beautifully tailored, I couldn't not mention it.
7. Andrew Gn
If I was A. much luckier in the finance department and B. a movie star, I would wear this to my premier.
8. Alexander McQueen
Very GaGa don't you think? 
9. Antoni Berardi
I'm in love with the textured jumper look of the moment. Paired with a fitted skirt, this style is gothic, sophisticated genius.

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